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To Travel is to Evolve! Travel Photos of the Road Trip

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Traveling to an unwelcoming terrain is often discomforting in the beginning. Getting to the Spitian cold desert at an altitude of above 14,000 ft. makes you wonder with awe & be shit-scared at the same time at every turn of the road.

Not to mention, the news of landslides & general lack of oxygen in Spiti river valley keeps up the drama in full gear.

But like in real life, travel shows that getting out of your comfort zone is how mankind has always evolved!

A new dimension, a fresh perspective is added to one’s life, opening up Pandora's box of unfettered possibilities to life, love, & human endurance.

Mud houses on route pin valley national park Spiti India

Pin Valley view, Spiti

Spiti kaza

Spiti valley view , Kaza

Spiti Himachal

Spiti Valley, India

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