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Check out 5 Best Places to Visit in Kasol

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

A quaint little town situated amidst lush green valley, snow-capped Himalayan ranges & gorgeous Parvati river, Kasol is a weekend getaway that you can’t get enough of!

Kasol is a haven for backpackers, solo travellers, hikers, adventurists, trekkers, campers, party-goers, and especially budget travelers.

The charming town provides a pixel-perfect backdrop for holidaymakers and backpackers alike! Tourists from all over the world, especially Israel, visit the stunning river valley for parties, treks and nature walks.

Time stops once you enter the odd little town that’s just a starting point for countless treks, hikes and adventures of all kinds.

A mystic charm is in the air!

As you proceed towards nature trails and explore remote villages, the stunning landscape gets richer in both beauty and magnitude.

Green meadows, wildly gushing Parvati river, and snow-covered Himalayan peaks, the calmness and beauty of the stunning landscape engulfs your senses.

Check out 5 best places to visit in Kasol during your visit.

5 Best Places to Visit in Kasol:

1. Kheerganga Trek Trail

The super-popular Kheerganga trek trail comes in category of easy to moderate difficulty level/ trekking gradient. It can be your very first trek for the same reason!

The 12 km trek trail presents breathtaking views of the scenic Parvati river valley. Located at 9600 ft., Kheerganga is historically known as the “abode of Lord Shiva’.

The moment you reach the top, a spellbinding view of snow-clad mountains welcome you.

The Parvati Kund or ‘natural hot water’ spring is a holy place where people take ritualistic bath. There are separate chambers for males and females.

The overnight camps in Kheerganga are fun. Cute tents, warm campfire, and the breathtaking star-lit view of great Himalayan mountains make it a perfect spot to spend time in.

Trekking Gradient: Easy to moderate

Trekkers also enjoy super popular nature trails like Malana and Chalal. Adventure seekers and nature lovers enjoy night camping along meandering Parvati river that originates in Man Talai Glacier.

2. Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran

Pay obedience at the beautiful Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran!

The breathtaking view of the Parvati river meandering through the valley, sacred hot springs and sumptuous langar in the Gurudwara makes it a delightful pilgrimage experience.

3. Malana Village Trek:

Malana Village in Kasol

Photo by Wikipedia

A 5 km trek leads to an enchanting view of the quiet hamlet of Malana - a unique village and community with a distinct historical story! Nestled amidst towering peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba and the beautiful Malana river, Malana village is one of the best places to visit in Kasol.

What makes Malana village unique?

  • A community of Malanese people considers themselves to be a direct descendant of Alexander the Great.

  • Outsiders are not allowed to touch people or things in the village.

  • The village is a democracy in its own right & is called by some as one of the oldest democracies in the world.

  • People mostly follows the ancient Greek system of the judiciary!

  • The village is largely popular worldwide for the finest version of hashish/weed.

Check out the beautiful architecture of ancient Jamlu Devta Mandir when you visit the place!

Best places to stay in Malana: Dragon house Cafe, Rudra Cafe, and Eagle Cafe.

4. Tosh Village:

Tosh village Kasol

Tosh village, Kasol

Photos by Utkarsh

Take a break from the hubbub of city life and lose yourself in the solitude of wilderness by planning a stay in Kasol or nearby Tosh, Malana and Pulga villages.

Located near the base of the gorgeous Kheerganga trek, Tosh village is full of scenic vistas! A village with a chill vibe, the place is well-suited for a long vacay and joyous walks along the meandering Parvati river. Located at an elevation of 2400m, Tosh’s numerous sceneries come with a backdrop of panoramic snow-clad Himalayan mountains.

Indulge in cafes hopping to check out mouth-watering dishes at numerous cozy-cute cafes. You can also shop at local handicraft shops for bongs, clothes, dreamcatchers, and more!

5. Chalal Village Trek:

chalal Kasol

Photo by Expedia

While Kasol might get too touristy, a lot of backpackers and solo travelers mostly prefer to stay in adjacent villages. Chalal village is one such exquisite place.

Chalal village is just 2 km away from Kasol. Once you cross a suspension bridge over the Parvati river, just follow the scenic trail. Once you locate wooden houses amidst towering pines, you have reached the enchanting village.

How to reach Kasol?

Nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport located at 31 km distance from Kasol. Book a taxi or a cab from the airport. Nearest international airport is in Delhi from where they can either hire a taxi or fly to Bhuntar.

Railway network is not up to Kasol. One can either take a train till Chandigarh or Joginder Nagar in Himachal Pradesh.

Kasol enjoys excellent road connectivity. One can book the bus tickets online on HRTC or through multiple agents.

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