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Desert Plants: Are Succulent and Cactus Plants Lucky Enough?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Humans have a funny take on everything, especially, misguided superstitions!

One such superstition is keeping cactus plants at home. It is seen as a sign of a bad omen or negative energy in a home.

Apparently, a succulent plant that also grows in a desert is a sign of good energy and is considered lucky for a household. :)

So, the witty & commonsensical side of me advocated placing equal numbers of cactus and succulent plants at home.

So, both can cancel each other’s negative & positive energies respectively, bringing net-zero energy to my living space. ;)

(All the energy you need is inside you, anyway! No amount of black cats, cacti or black magic can suck it out of you! )

Speaking scientifically,

  • Most succulents like Aloe and Snake plant and cacti clear the air of harmful toxins and even release oxygen at night. (NASA Clean Air Study)

  • Succulents and Cacti humidify the indoor air.

  • Succulents like Aloe come with medicinal properties.

Bonus: Easy-to-Maintain House Plants

The low-maintenance succulent and cactus plants require once a weekly watering schedule. And even lesser watering during the winters (the state is dormant).

Most of all, observing desert plants will teach you about resilience, bravery, and persistence when the going gets tough.

Just wait for the April summer, and the desert-born prickly plants will surprise you with the rarest and prettiest blooms you would have ever seen! :) Lucky enough for me!!!

Here’s a gallery of recently bloomed cactus and succulent plants that bring a sunny smile to my face every morning in April.

The National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Center, {Panchkula
The National Cactus & Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre, Sector-5, Panchkula, India

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