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The Twilight Wisdom: Mother Nature

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Twilight view in Ghaggar , India

Does the sun ever change its mind just before it is about to set?

Is there a moment of uncertainty in nature?

Or self-doubt?

There isn’t a moment of self-flagellation in any act of Mother Nature.

It does what it always does & is always in complete harmony with divinity & its creative force.

Unlike homo sapiens, who delve into self-doubt & self-flagellation because religion didn’t teach them any better!

Forgetting that we were born to live out our minuscule destinies & fade out like the last rays of twilight without resistance.

It is incomplete acceptance of our many so-called “faults “ & “perfections” that the entity “we “disappear.

And when that happens, what is left in us is the very God or divinity that we try to find in books or religious ceremonies and & age-old conventions. 🙂

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