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Life with Puppies and More!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Labrador retriever  pup
Daisy, my Labrador pup

Finally, she is home. My first puppy! It took 29 years of wishing at Birthdays & shooting stars to finally bring home a pup of my own.

 I wished for a pup ever since I’ve existed.

Mind you, it all started with an over-barking pom doggy! I can’t believe that I remember the pup & the parrot as a pictographic memory till today.

baby with puppy
Me with a pup of my size

That happened in New Delhi, India in 1988. In 1991, my family shifted to one of the most peaceful towns in India, Nangal. Located in the foot-hills of Shivalik Hills, a chain of the Himalayan range, & lined by the beautiful Satluj river from two sides, the picturesque city is popular for one of the highest gravity dams in Asia, The Bhakra Nangal Dam & is a renowned national wetland.

The river-side city, with its idyllic setting, and township’s character, is a world in itself – just like the “Hogwarts world” of the Harry Potter series! Explains our “Harry Potter” mania in 10th grade – I literally finished off the book during my final dreaded mathematics exam. ( No, not all Indian kids master mathematics – some like me, prefer to lead a life in appreciation of the beauty of nature & novels).

Our small colony, called ‘the doctor’s colony”, had a lot of kids to hang out with, along with a lot more puppies. The house where we shifted was vacant for a long time. Any guesses how many Lil paws greeted me on the first day in the town? A litter of 10 wonderful puppies! 😀

A dream come true home for me indeed – in the dream come true town of Nangal. Over the years, I & my friends reared up a lot of street pups, got a few vaccinated, fed them, played with them. I even kidnapped them & moved them to my home, in case the female doggy gave birth in some other house. 😍

The poor female dog lived in eternal confusion on where her pups are whenever she used to go on a hunt. It is amazing that I got along more with pups than I ever got with people. That doesn’t make me anti-social – I did get along with kids my age. 😉

Last month, after much consideration, and persuasion, I finally brought home a beautiful female Labrador pup. We call her “Daisy”, though she doesn’t behave like a fragile flower as of now.

Labrador Retriever pup
My lovely flower, Daisy !

She is a “wooly mammoth” who eats, chews, & later on poops everything that comes in front of her – stones, cow dung, clothes, newspaper, leave, sticks, pen drive, leaves – did I mention leaves already? – and so on.

naughty labrador puppy destroying flowers
Guilty as charged!

For now, the only time she looks like a “Daisy” is when she sleeps!!! 😊😀😄  Let’s hope for teething- free times ahead,  when your pup will not try to bite you off. 😃

labrador pup sleeping
Tired after being naughty!

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