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​Mother Nature's Sweet Melody!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

For the Night is Dark, and Full of Melody!

A cricket’s love-laden chirps add a kind of mystic melody to the quiet night – an ancient love call for the nocturnals to celebrate the darkened silence of the night.

Notice how the incessant chirping of the cricket is never a disturbing noise! It rather adds a sweet lullaby to the disquieted mind, that quietly numbs one towards a peaceful sleep.

It seems like the chirping adds a kind of rhythm to the night!

Like a pre-arranged agreement between nature & its elements, that allows the insect to add a sweet sweet melody to the quietness of the night.

A perceptive mind can see that there’s a melody even in the constant murmur of a passing river & gentle drowsiness in the splashing waves of an ocean.

Everything is perfect & in complete harmony in mother nature: the sounds, the noises, & the sacred silences!

But it’s a complete reversal in a chaotic human mind, a mind which brings disharmony and imbalance in nature & life of all the other beings on the planet.

If only a person could sit silently in the lap of mother nature, gaze at the magical canopy of a starlit night, & understand that though the night is dark, it is still full of Melody:

a melody lost to the death-deaf human species!

a melody that brings a sense of belongingness to mother nature!

a melody with which the ancients were connected to!

Copyright © [Meru]. All rights reserved.

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