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Diary Entry of a Labrador Pup

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Here she is – adorable but lazy at times, my hooman (human). Lately, my hooman has been kind of low in energy. Sometimes I feel she is sad. Or maybe she’s what they call “bored”.

Ya, “bored”! A word I picked up from hooman vocab. When I was with my mum & bros & sis, I didn’t know the word, or what it feels like to be bored. Though one of my fat brothers did prefer sleeping and used to get annoyed if asked to play or share his stick, everyone else was playful in my family and never complained of being bored.

We would randomly run around in circles, pulling our mum’s tail and ears, and scratching her face. A rather ill in size sis of mine was so naughty, that she galloped like a deer, & didn’t know how to walk like a lab girl.

To 7 of us boisterous siblings, it didn’t matter if it was a stick to chase, or a shoe ( my personal favorite), we created a play out of just everything life threw at us ( A labrador’s trait). It annoyed my mum occasionally, and dad all the time.


Well,  my hooman was pretty lively too for the first 6 months. She would take me on awesome walks, jog with me, & play fetch (like 3 times a day).

But recently she’s been a Lil low. Sometimes I see her all down and quiet, so I bark my lungs out to snap her out of it.

At times, it gets really annoying, especially when she digs her eyes into that black toy with bright light. I literally scream at the top of my girly high-pitched bark to get her to leave it.

What does she try to find in it anyway? I just don’t like the vibes that come out of it. Anyway, the stuff looks pretty toxic to me & I keep a safe distance from it. Yet on good days, a strange noise comes out of it and she dances like a happy gal! 🙂

Oh, how I love her when she asks me to dance with her. Her all-time favorite track is a delight to my ears, “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase”. It’s pretty adorable when she changes it to, “Hakuna Matata what a wonderful daze”. Well, that’s me, a short name for “Daisy”!

Also, I absolutely love it when she looks deep into my eyes, and tells me that I am so so so pretty. And that she loves me. And that she’ll do whatever it takes to always protect me.

Well at that moment, she seems cuddly labradorable (labra-adorable) & kissable to me. So, the next day, I wake her up by planting random kisses on her face, & pulling her hair with love. It’s a pretty cool partnership going on here, with my messed up, but in a tolerable way, hooman. 😀

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