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Welcome to Meru Scribbles!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I stumbled upon my first job as a "content writer" way back in 2012. For a student who just finished a Master's in English Literature, it was either this or a Ph.D. in English literature!

Eight years down the line, after a change of 2-3 jobs and 5+ years of on and off freelance writing projects, I still do not enjoy an "online presence" as a writer/brand. This website is a sincere attempt to get over "ghostwriting mode", catalog my work & share my thoughts with everyone.

From comprehensive travelogues to spontaneous nature-poems, from meditative contemplations to book reviews, this site has it all!

I sincerely hope you find its content rewarding to read as much as I find it rewarding to write.

Thanks for visiting!


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