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How to Find a Good Content Writer for Your Business?

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

“It isn’t the whiskey they choose, it’s the image.”

- David Ogilvy

Capturing a reader’s interest or curiosity via a quote or an anecdote in the very first line of a copy is what differentiates an average writer from a good writer. Whether you own a small store that needs an online presence or are launching a digital business, finding a creative writer who conveys your brand’s identity is crucial. So, how to find a good content writer?

Finding writers online is easy. So, where can you find a good content writer? You can easily find several freelance writers on online portals like;

  1. Upwork

  2. Freelancer

  3. Blogging Pro

But, finding out who is best suitable for your work is a little tricky. So, what are the top qualities that one must look for in a content writer?

1. Writing Style:

Brevity is the soul of effective writing. It can not be crisper than this. The idea is not to hire someone who shows off vocabulary. And the idea is definitely not to hire someone who writes poorly. An experienced writer who has written across the industrial spectrum uses a balanced tone and industry-specific vocabulary. So, select a writer who writes with concision.

“I don't know the rules of grammar. If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.” ― David Ogilvy.

2. A diverse portfolio:

What makes the jobs of website content writers difficult is that there are too many industries. So, not every writer might have “relevant experience” in a specific industry. For instance, a travel writer can write about the lifestyle niche but might not be a skilled technical writer. So, take a close look at the complete portfolio and hire someone with the “relevant” experience only.

3. SEO-friendly writing is a must:

SEO friendliness is a top priority. The ability to write search engine optimized or SEO-friendly content is crucial. SEO writing is not just about fitting in a set of keywords per page. Excellent SEO content writing is about creating one meaningful sentence after another while smartly inserting the “keywords”. So, hire a writer who shows versatility while using the relevant keywords.

Remember to cross-reference the links shared by a writer. While good content writers are hard to find, bad or average content writers try to get away by copying someone else's content. So, there is nothing wrong with cross-referencing the links shared by the writers in question.

A website's content usually makes the first impression of your brand on a prospect. Make sure to hire the best in the industry for long-term results!

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