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Traveling - A Relief for a Schizophrenic Writer!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

There are schizophrenic dual-selves in each one of us – a society-abiding self+ a self which is an artist’s vision of ‘who one can be sans society’.

Perhaps, an identity that’s doesn’t try to conform, to fit in, or compromise!

There’s that secret fantastical-self for each one of us who revels in absolute freedom, interacts to the point, & is dramatically confident like a ‘super-hero’.

A writer, they say, is unfortunately caught up in countless such selves–

  • A secular-liberal at heart who disdains the idea of lack of ‘freedom of speech’, but is forced to choose silence;

  • A sarcastic asshole who is hidden behind the veil of a chirpy exterior;

  • an anxious over thinker who is super-confident & alive when alone on the road to wanderlust.

Traveling for me thus works as a breather from these countless selfves, bringing me a little closer to ‘who I was born to be’, hidden beneath perfectly conditioned layers of societal falsehoods.

Parvati River Kasol Himachal Pradesh

Parvati River Valley, India

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