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State Of My Heart: It’s Hollow

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hollow is the shape of the planet, Hollower, the state of my heart. Shallow, the world slowly walks by, Shallower, thy friendly smile.

In a bid to avoid “the hollows”, I took a thousand vows, – Friend.Lover.Child.Parent.Sister.

Benumbed, as each vow entangles, Vacant, the state of the heart.

Let’s not hide, you and I, Behind the veil of an empty Gaze. Void is the Space that is Matter. Vacant is the Touch of your Gaze.

When I seek refuge in the mountain, “Hollow” is the Note it Plays. “Silence”, the ound that Echoes, Lost in a forlorn Haze.

Torpid is the Numbness of Mind, Estranged, the world idly goes by. Hollow, the shape of the planet, Nadir be the Truth of my Fate!

Copyright © [Meru]. All rights reserved.

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